Spring Has Sprung in the 2024 Real Estate Selling Season

The real estate selling season is in full swing. Typically, the greatest number of home showings take place from the start of Daylight Savings Time through July, making right now PRIME TIME! Home closings tend to peak in July, after the greatest number of showings have occurred.

If you remember the classic “Candid Camera” TV show hosted by Allen Funt, featuring hidden cameras capturing staged comedic scenes, you might recall the bulky, hard-to-hide cameras of the 1950s and ’60s. Fast forward to 2024, and video and audio recording equipment is incredibly compact and affordable. With the surge in doorstep deliveries during the pandemic, package theft has risen dramatically, leading to the prevalence of doorbell cameras in home security setups.

The ease of setting up recording systems in homes brings challenges in the real estate marketing process, highlighting the seller’s right to property protection. It’s important for listing agents to inquire about active recording systems at the time of listing and, if present, notify showing agents and buyers about recording during showings. This notification can be made through postings in the MLS, at the home’s entrance, and inside the property. Buyers uncomfortable with recording can choose not to view the home, potentially leading to lost showings for sellers.

Buyer’s agents need to inform their clients that even if no notice has been given about a showing being recorded, it’s best to assume that it is. Video and audio monitoring devices are now so small that they can be hidden almost anywhere. A recording of an interested buyer could give the seller information about the buyer’s level of interest, what price they might offer, and their top offer.